Summer Schools in Europe

What are your plans for this summer? How about enrolling in a summer school? We have a number of summer schools in Europe that you can join:

Universidad Catolica De Murcia (UCAM) International Summer Program

At UCAM institution students are offered a fun learning experience of Spanish language and culture for students aged 17 or over. In addition to Spanish classes, students will learn to dance Flamenco, Salsa, Latin, and visits to tourist places. The programs will run within the UCAM campus in Murcia with classes scheduled for Monday to Friday, and day trip on Saturday. This year, the program will run from the 2nd to 13th July and the 10th to 21st September.
The program fees include on-campus accommodation, three meals per day in the campus cafeteria, transportation and 25 hours Spanish classes per week.

Geneva Business School (GBS) Summer Course:  Global Governance, Business Diplomacy and Sustainability

The Geneva Business School located in Geneva (Switzerland) is the place to spend your summer if you want to get an in-depth knowledge of running a business in a digital world. The program is scheduled to take place from 9th to 20th July 2018. Students will be hosted at the GBS Geneva Campus. The programs entail three main teaching modules:

  1. Business Diplomacy in a Digital World
  2. Green Finance, Fintech and Data Mining
  3. Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Tools

During the ten days of the program, the students will be guided by professional using practical models of learning to better understand the business world.

French summer camp

This French summer camp which is for 8 – 18 years old, will lead students through a two weeks experience, covering 16 lessons per week on the French language. At the end of the two weeks, the students will have gained a deep knowledge of the French language. Classes will be taught by a certified native instructor. The students will also be taken through excursions guided by certified guides. There will be lots of fun activities for students. Accommodation will be provided at the former Royal Fort, on St Marguerite’s Island in the bay of Cannes.
Are you aged 8 to 18? Here is a nice idea on how to spend your summer this year. Learn French in just two weeks.

UCAM Short Courses

UCAM Spain offers you an opportunity to choose one of the short courses:

It will only take you two to three weeks to learn one of the topics in depth. You will also get a certificate from the Catholic University of Murcia upon completion.

Learn Spanish and Soccer in Madrid

Are you aged 14-17 years and interested in soccer? Here is a chance for you to be part of a two-week soccer training with the Spanish La Liga Club and a taste of the campus experience. So many fascinating activities are in store for you including a visit to Real Madrid Stadium and RC Celta Stadium, evening program to watch the FIFA World Cup Games and a visit to the many tourist sceneries found at Madrid. You also get an opportunity to learn Spanish for five days.
Students will be offered accommodation at the famous University of Vigo. What better way to experience university life than in a university accommodation.

Digital Summer Course in Germany

GISMA business school offers Bachelor students and any adults an appropriate program that will equip them with skills and knowledge required in a fast-growing digital business world.  If you are looking to spend your summer in Germany and you have interest in digital business, this summer program would suit you. Don’t worry if you cannot speak German. It is taught in English.

The program runs for a period of two weeks and with two choices of programs:

  • The Digital Transformation of the Established Firm – An Integrative Approach
  • The Digital Firm and Services

The program also includes German or Business English lessons. The students are involved in two extracurricular activities per week.

Learn business concepts using actual business cases including career coaching and company visits during the program.

UK Summer Schools

Do you want to experience studying and staying at the prestigious university: University of Oxford or University of Cambridge? This is the chance. There are various summer courses offered, such as:

You will also enjoy fun activities and excursions outside school hours. There are various programs, offered for aged 13-15 yo, and 16-18 yo.

Whether it is a foreign language you have been dying to learn or a short course in your field of interest, you have a number of summer schools in Europe to choose from. May this summer be an educative one for you.

Check out for a short course that will make enable you to enhance your skills in a particular interest field, expand your career path, and pursue a varied range of fields.

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